A group of white and colored houses clinging to the rocks, interspersed with gardens of fragrant lemons, which are reflected in the crystal clear sea once inhabited by enchanting sirens, in a natural and architectural heritage unique in the world...

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Those who arrive in Positano along a winding road that runs along a rocky wall rich in Mediterranean vegetation: clumps of gorse and rosemary sprouting along the rugged coast that is the setting for a crystalline green sea.

Suddenly, it opens an unforgettable scene, vision between myth and dream Positano. Along the stretch of road that unfolds within it, you will come across narrow alleys and articulated, steps that overlook picturesque views and stunning, made of terraced gardens, pergolas of lemons and bougainvillea multicolored spots.

White houses clinging to the rocks, protruding balconies with geraniums and daisies adorned with flowers that are held up in the town center until you get to the beach, Positano from which looks like a pyramid of houses that climb toward the sky along the coast then immersed in green, open and hidden coves looking unexplored.

From the beach a small rock path leads to other charming coves and alongside the watchtowers, a tangible sign of the ancient Saracen raids.

Between the sea and the sky stand vertically in the mountains, home of the prime localities of Montepertuso Nocelle, small clusters of folklore and natural wonders, where a spirit of hospitality is at home.

Positano is so: legend, history and enchanting beauty that captivates anyone who passes by here...  

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