Our web-based training brings together content, curriculum, quizzes and examinations, putting them at the student’s fingertips. Online course meetings are held at designated times with tutors providing targeted guidance and instruction. Training onsite via e-learning does away with classroom costs, travel and hotel expenses, making training that much more affordable. For the users the hardware and software requirements are minimal: they only need a computer with a video camera, the free software "Skype" and a fast internet connection. In addition our "Seminars" are also present on the free platform "iTunes U"; it allows us to distribute world-class educational content to the world at large. Study Relax Enjoy

☆ Seminars ☆

Our company is the accredited Distance Learning Centre (DLC) for the provision of ISYBA (Italian Ship & Yacht Brokers Association). The main form of training is video-conference courses, but on request can be delivered as in-house events. Corses and Workshops are offered at competitive prices, with discounts being applied to employees of ISYBA member companies. 

New entrants. If you are new to the yachting industry, we offer some excellent introductory- and induction- level courses to help you grasp the lexicon of the yachting business and to develop a sense of context and understanding on how this market works.

Experienced. Furthermore, we offers a range of 'ready to use' programmes. Whether your company is looking to outsource its professional development requirements, a highly specialised internal training programme, or a combination of the two, Revello & Partners have a range of products and services that can help.

☆ Publications ☆

eBook is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices...

We produce manuals and textbooks that cover a variety of topics of interest to those working in the field of recreational boating and the use of commercial yacht (yacht brokerage, sales and purchase, management, rental, leasing, VAT, etc.). In particular, we analyze the problems arising from lack of knowledge of the Italian laws regulating private and commercial Yachting.

All our publications are distributed in digital format (PDF) and can be purchased through our company. Some of them are taken from ISYBA and are made ​​available free of Companies involved in this association.

In addition to publishing, we also offer advice for a fee. Herewith enclosed some examples:

  Become a Licensed Brokers in Italy (info on publication and webinar) - iTunes U code: F4D-7K6-KJE
  The Fiscal Management of Commercial Yachts (info on publication and webinar) - iTunes U code: CRX-BJX-RYE
  The Sale & Purchase of Yachts (info on publication and webinar)

☆ Drawning up contracts ☆

Since 1989 Revello & Partners is part of the Commission of the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa that producing new standard forms of contract and revising existing ones for the shipping and yachting business and is also a founding member of ISYBA (Italian Ship & Yacht Brokers Association).

Contracts and clauses are written in legally sound language in a style that clearly conveys to both parties the risks and rewards of the agreement. Our consistent approach to the development and updating of yachting contracts and clauses helps to raise contractual standards, improve harmonisation in the industry and ensure widespread use. This, in turn, helps to reduce the likelihood of disputes arising over the interpretation of contracts and clauses by commercial parties.

We produces a wide variety of standard contracts for yachting business, which are adopted by ISYBA.

We can assist both Operators that Customers in the drafting of any contract (sale & purchase, bareboat, time-charter, voyage-charter) or in the verification of drafts prepared by others. Obviously paying us a fee ...

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