Marinas of Sicily

Sicily has unique characteristics in the Mediterranean and can legitimately aspire to be the boating capital of this sea: 1500 km of coastline overlooking the hinterland where you feel the presence of ancient history.

Landscape, cultural heritage, environmental, archaeological and monumental, are a big draw and represent the value added to attract users of this particular sector of tourism.

The presence of adequate infrastructure for recreational boating, associated with the resources offered by the rural, is of strategic importance for the proper development of the economic and touristic island, considered as a function of its central location in the Mediterranean, the reference point of the routes of commercial shipping and pleasure craft.

Here a link that will allow you to "sail" around Sicily:

Furthermore, herebelow you will find information (also viewable on Tablets and Smartphones) on n. 39 marinas (GPS position, technical features, services, etc.) with infos on the tourist area (itineraries, art and archeology, environment and nature, local traditions and events, leisure and entertainment) located at such a distance as to be usable by boaters.

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