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IT and Web solutions for Yachting

With over 35 years in the Shipping & Yachting Industry, we speak your language... While almost any IT specialists can develop software solutions or any Web designer can build a website, we know the ins and outs of the yachting and marine business, so what you want and need won't get lost in translation. Whatever your company does, we can custom tailor a solution that will make your products and services stand out in the ever-growing crowd.

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Yachtlife Assistance

Yachtlife's Assistance is the "in-house help desk" created by our company to offer assistance via web to our Customers. This service is organized on third levels: FAQ (or "knowledge base"); Counseiling Service; Professional Advice.

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Since being established in 1980, Revello & Partners have provided valuation for Owners, Contractors, Tax Authorities, Lawyers, Loss Adjusters, Banks, Investors, Leasing Companies and other Financial Institutions. Our valuation are relied upon our range of clients to make important decisions; great care is therefore taken in arriving the final figure. As Licensed Sworn Shipbrokers, we are the appointed vessel valuers and appraisers of the Courts of Justice in Italy.

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Accounting Assistance

In our network of professionals the accounting services are provided by "Studio Salvati" in Rome and are customized for small, closely-held and medium-sized fast growing businesses. The Clients of "Studio Salvati" are individuals and small to medium-sized national/multinational organizations based in Italy, from start-ups to established companies/subsidiaries, benefitting from personalized services.

We offer accounting and book-keeping services, including taxation, financial planning, payroll administration, auditing and business consultancy in the most efficient, effective, accurate and timely manner possible, with the highest professional and ethical standards at affordable fees.

Whether it's payroll tax, sales tax, accruals, depreciation, verification of accounting data, etc., our skilled accounting professionals help our clients to keep their accounting and financial books in order, as we offer dedicated services with a total commitment to quality, you can rely on us for expert advice. As additional services to the ones listed above, we provide for e-mail reminders that, for example, tell you when it's time to process payroll, or if requested, we inform you on areas where you may be spending too much, or we assist you with your budgeting process, by reviewing historical results and gathering the necessary information, in order to prepare the budget for presentation to the management. Client specific formats are accepted for data input.

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Legal Assistance

Our network of experts includes the Law Firm "Studio Legale Petragnani Ciancarelli" specialized in the field of International Maritime and Yachting law. The Firm’s main office is located in Rome following the  traditions begun in distant 1936 by Andrea Petragnani Ciancarelli’s grandfather, Paolo Petragnani.

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Our Licensed Brokers help you through every stage of the booking process, giving you more security at no extra charge. Our service are free; by booking your charter through Revello & Partners, you pay no more than dealing with the Owner's company directly. More than 35 years of experience provide additional security and more information!

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Sale and Purchase

Our Licensed Brokers are intermediaries between the two parties to a contract, whether they are Buyers and Sellers. They may act for one principal and occasionally as the Sole Broker between the two contracting parties.

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Our web-based training brings together content, curriculum, quizzes and examinations, putting them at the student’s fingertips. Online course meetings are held at designated times with tutors providing targeted guidance and instruction. Training onsite via e-learning does away with classroom costs, travel and hotel expenses, making training that much more affordable. For the users the hardware and software requirements are minimal: they only need a computer with a video camera, the free software "Skype" and a fast internet connection. In addition our "Seminars" are also present on the free platform "iTunes U"; it allows us to distribute world-class educational content to the world at large. Study Relax Enjoy

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