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About our Company

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The company Revello & Partners Srl comprises a team of Licensed Sworn Ship Brokers and offers a full range of professional services to meet the most demanding clients, providing them with the utmost confidentiality and a continuous professional development. Our mission is to assist any Client on the right deal, the only genuine bargain that we know.

We pooled our activities to give life to a new reality in which to integrate our experiences (brokerage, technical expertise, legal assistance), in order to offer our customers the professionalism and the safety of an expert guide in the Italian Yachting Market. In fact, the language, the large number of suppliers and the uncertainty about their reliability, are among the greatest obstacles for customers wishing to purchase or charter a yacht. And that is where we come into play.

Our aim is to find the yacht that fit exactly with what you requested us, providing you with all the details about it, including the right time to come to Italy to purchase it. Our services cover the whole process of purchasing: yachts searching, survey, negotiations with the sellers and the brands to quality control and shipment, thus building a bridge between you and the Yachting Market. After we find what you need we will organize your trip and make sure you get the most favorable prices and consistent high quality with every order.

A tradition of more than 150 years of activity for several generations in every area of commercial Shipping and Yachting... Choose us as your "Personal Yacht Broker" in the Yachting Market representing your interests and reducing your costs substantially.

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